Balanced Budget!

Finally our City has a budget that reflects our priorities as a city! This budget funds what matters to us: our police and fire departments and funds repaving more roads. Why Mayor Weger responded to it by threatening to build a wall in the Community Center that our tax dollars pay for, I will never understand. I get that he’s upset that to pay to fully staff our fire department we needed to let go of some of the administrative staff and reduce the hours of others, but that is what’s been happening in other cities over the years too.

What’s really wrong though is that in our City we passed an income tax hike in 2010 that we were told was needed to pay for our fire and police departments. Did you know that after that hike, Weger spent LESS on police and fire?! Did you know that as soon as that income hike passed Weger and his friends added more and more administrative positions and upped their salaries higher and higher? That’s not right!

It’s never easy to downsize, but other cities and employers are doing it all the time and their employees aren’t suing and their CEO’s aren’t throwing fits about it. Thankfully, it was our City Council that did the hard work for the betterment of our City. Here’s how Council found the money to hire more firefighters:

Eliminated 3 of the 13 staffed administrative positions.

Reduced 2 full-time administrative positions to part-time.

If Mayor Weger actually worked with this budget things would be just fine. Ten administrative employees for a city of our size is more than enough. Instead he laid off 6 of the 13 staffed positions and has refused to rehire anyone to these jobs. He refuses to allow anyone to answer the phone and won’t return messages. It’s ridiculous and pathetic. He’s holding the city hostage all because he’s angry Council eliminated his $100,000 secretary that we cannot afford!  (Hint: if you want to get anything done, have a question or concern, call your councilperson!)

In the meantime, I would like to welcome all of our new firefighters and I hope Mayor Weger gets tired of his own temper tantrums and finally starts working for us!

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