The “Voice Of Willoughby Hills” Jim Walsh Should Be Ashamed

8DBEBBF1-B2F5-47B6-9F89-1EF64B9A63BCIt looks like the Voice of Willoughby Hills is back from his “sabbatical.” In case you didn’t know, “the Voice” is failed council candidate Jim Walsh and a guy our police chief had to warn was committing a crime when he made a fool of himself trying to interfere with a Council meeting a couple of months ago. Did you know this guy works in our Lake County Court of Common Pleas, the same court  where Mayor Weger filed all his lawsuits against the City. That sure doesn’t seem right.

If calling himself the “Voice of Willoughby Hills” isn’t bad enough now this guy Walsh, again an employee of the Courts which are supposed to be impartial, is slamming our police department. Yes, this is the same Willoughby Hills Police Department with officers who took bullets to protect us. What an ingrate! And he slams them why? Because he was called out for his own criminal conduct by them and also to claim his buddy Mayor Weger can act like a dictator and remove every other city official who disagrees with him. How low will this guy go?!

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