What Is Wrong With The Willoughby Hills Recreation Commission?

baseball-155990_640At the last Council Meeting, Councilman Hallum, whose wife serves on the Recreation Commission, reported that the Recreation Commission, chaired by Jim Walsh, has canceled all events for the rest of the year because even though they have 8 members on the commission they insist on having hired help to put on any events. Then, at public portion, the former clerk of the Recreation Commission spoke about how hard the commissioners used to work, how they used to do everything through volunteers, and how all the events were fantastic because of it. She couldn’t understand how a commission of this many people couldn’t be bothered to do anything without our taxpayers paying for employees. What’s even more crazy is that there is a position for a Recreation Department employee that the Mayor has refused to fill…for MONTHS!

Also at the Council Meeting, Council President Fellows asked if Jeff Fruscella was still the Vice Chair of the Commission because he hadn’t attended a meeting since January or February. He’s the guy that repeatedly screamed across a crowded room at Councilwoman Pizmoht who was just sitting with her young children and her husband at the Mayor’s “Town Hall” last winter. The Mayor said this creep was still on the Commission. Really?!

Isn’t this Commission supposed to be there to make our community a better place?

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