Councilman Dave Fiebig Is A Flip Flopper Who Only Supports Himself

sandal-2403194_640Did you get that ridiculous letter from Councilman Dave Fiebig this week? Besides lying in it (which he admitted at the Council meeting on Thursday!), he attacked the Council colleagues who have propped him up since his losing Mayor campaign in 2015. He even has the audacity to try to steal credit for their work.

Sewer fees, Dave?

Dave Fiebig voted for the highest sewer rates in Lake County and now, after Janet Majka and John Plecnik worked to lower them, he’s taking credit for lowering sewer fees. What did he do?

Prioritizing roads, police, and fire, Dave?

Dave Fiebig claims he prioritized roads, police and fire, but it was Councilwoman Pizmoht’s work on the budget that finally prioritized spending to these critical services. What did he do?

But the best part is that now we all have proof of what many have suspected. Dave Fiebig stands for nothing other than Dave Fiebig. He’s a flip flopper.

Dave Fiebig claimed he was against nepotism. Now he’s for that.

Dave Fiebig claimed he wanted the Mayor to give Council the annual budget earlier. Now he’s against that.

Dave Fiebig claimed he wanted accountability for City officials. Now he’s against that.


It was just a few months ago that Councilman Dave Fiebig demanded Mayor Weger resign.

Now apparently, he thinks Mayor Weger is “the boss” and should be able to do whatever he wants.

Maybe that’s because Dave Fiebig wants to be mayor and do whatever HE wants and he’ll take whatever position he thinks will make him mayor. Thankfully, Willoughby Hills has this flip flopper’s number.

Let’s get this straight. According to Dave Fiebig, the Mayor is terrible, the other Council Members are terrible, and the Charter Amendments are terrible. We should ask wannabe-Mayor Dave who or what he supports other than himself.

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