Crazy Mayor Weger Strikes Again

Mayor Weger, who appointed himself fire chief, sued his own city … TWICE, refused to defend the city against his secretary’s lawsuits demanding her $100,000 job back claiming an “oversight” among so many other things, has now upped the ante and is now claiming he can act like a dictator.

Mayor Weger thinks he can remove every council person other than professional whiner Chris Hallum. Weger actually thinks he can remove almost the entire City Council, everyone of the first female council majority in Lake County, two law professors, and five very hard-working dedicated people (and Dave Fiebig). Not only that he thinks he can replace all these elected officials with his cronies who will do nothing more than rubber stamp every crazy scheme he comes up with.

If this isn’t crazy enough he has the audacity to claim that things like one judge ruling against an ordinance passed by Council is enough to remove them all. He even flat out lied and said these good hard-working people have all been found guilty of multiple crimes! Shame on him! Just watch this video to get the full picture of how crazy this guy is. Willoughby Hills deserves so much better!Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 8.12.21 PM

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