Willoughby Hills Council Gets The Job Done

From a resident on Facebook:

The W.H. Council meeting last night was interesting. If you were not there in person ( you can watch on the government channel if you have Spectrum cable) it was a very large crowd, as in fact the City added about 40 chairs outside of Council Chambers in the hallway. There was still standing room only.

Two of the local television news teams were on site with cameras rolling … they may have been disappointed that there was no “fireworks”. Very noticeable were 6 or more W.H. police officers present as well as the Police Chief, Chris Collins.

Six of seven of the Council people were there (Nancy Fellows had a business meeting on the west coast) and several of the City’s employees. Vice President of Council, John Plecnik, ran the meeting and it appeared that the agenda moved along quickly and efficiently.

Who was noticeably absent was Bob Weger. So after all the drama, turmoil, continued expense and what may turn out to be his illegal actions, Bob Weger doesn’t show his face. Weger’s absence is telling,

Also, based upon my conversations with several of my neighbors and residents the ad posted by Chris Hallum in the News Herald looking for potential new Council people perhaps was premature. Personally I thought that was the bone head move of bone head moves.

It will be a very good thing to bring these matters to closure, rid the City of the frivolous lawsuits pending by Bob Weger and several of his previous employees and move on.

While most members of Council put their heads down and maintained composure while they got to work, others continued their embarrassing whining and sad mayoral campaigns. The vast majority of attendees, including several top-level county officials, were there to show support for Council. Of course the Mayor didn’t even bother to show up. Maybe that’s because he sent his usual goon squad to scream at Council. One lady yelled at them because they didn’t acknowledge her Halloween decorations. Another guy came up and said that he has no idea what’s going on but Councilman Hallum told him Council sucks and the Mayor is awesome. It sure speaks for itself.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.42.49 AM

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