Vote YES! on Issue 10

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 10.58.24 PM

Issue 10: Shall Article IX of the Charter of Willoughby Hills be amended to clarify its meaning and provide for a uniform procedure to protect the residents and taxpayers of Willoughby Hills by allowing for the removal of any officer or employee of the City who engages in serious misconduct, which procedure provides enumerated grounds for such removal, a specific procedure for any such removal and guarantees each and every accused employee or officer the same due process rights? 

The purpose of Issue 10 is to create the same process for the removal of all appointees and elected officials, but only for the most serious misconduct. Rather, it makes the standards for removing officers and employees much clearer. It’s about holding our elected officials accountable to us and removing them only when they’ve done something really bad, like embezzled money, abused their power for personal gain, committed malpractice against the city or been convicted of crimes. Only officials who are worried that they’ve done these things could be against this provision. Think about that. 

If you want a Charter that works for Willoughby Hills, VOTE YES on Issue 10!

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