Vote YES! To STOP Gloria Majeski And Chris Hallum’s Constant Drama At City Hall

IMG_1163Now that we know Chris Hallum and Gloria Majeski sure seem to have used their positions with the city to personally benefit themselves, we know they’re campaigning against the Charter Amendments to keep their hands in the cookie jar.

These two are behind all the drama in City Hall and also seem to have conspired to form the notorious Citizens for True Public Service attack PAC. This is the political action committee behind Gloria’s sad propaganda show on Wednesday and all those obnoxious “PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS” no signs, including the ones in the yards of vacant homes. Maybe some of them don’t realize it, but the people with those signs support this PAC. What is it that they support? Let’s take a closer look.

According to the campaign finance forms from last year’s council races, this PAC is funded by dirty out-of-state money. That’s right, supposedly there are people from out of state who support a crazy mayor’s disgruntled former $100,000 secretary political agenda. Why would these people fund a PAC to defend the Mayor’s “right” to hire friends and family and to prevent accountability for Crazy Mayor Weger? Does that makes sense?

Look at the campaign finance forms.


Could it be that Chris Hallum’s out of state friends and relatives gave cash contributions all on the same day to support Gloria Majeski’s PAC?  It couldn’t be that they just said this to cover up the real source of the money, could it? Why did the spouses of city employees make donations to it? Also, why were Recreation Commissioner Lynn and Councilman Chris Hallum paid $3,000 by Gloria’s PAC?

These two have been causing problems together for a long time. It’s time to put an end to the drama in City Hall and vote YES! on Issues 7-15!

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