Enough Is Enough! Vote YES On Issues 7-15

councilmeeting 2Residents all across Willoughby Hills have had enough of Crazy Mayor Weger and his retaliation against anyone who dares to speak out against him and his friends. Not only are residents voting YES! on Issues 7-15, they’re speaking out against Mayor Weger’s misdeeds even though they’re afraid they’ll be retaliated against like the Council Members who are trying to hold him accountable. Enough is enough!

Members of Council report facts about his secretary Gloria Majeski’s WHISPER program and Weger and his friends go on the attack. One sad woman came to the Council Meeting and attacked Councilwoman Pizmoht’s parenting skills and her nine year-old son who bravely spoke at public portion at the last Council Meeting! Another attacked her on Facebook for being a stay-at-home mom. Hallum, of course, is lashing out calling all of the other Council Members reckless and saying that because they pointed out that he seems to get real estate jobs through the city that’s why the Mayor illegally tried to remove them. Doesn’t that just prove that nonsense was retaliation!

Meanwhile, brave residents are beginning to speak out. A former WHISPER recipient, who has lived in the City for more than 60 years and even worked for the City for many years bravely spoke at the Council Meeting on Thursday. She said, “WHISPER started out as a good program, was a good idea, and there were volunteers, but then something happened.” She then talked about how Gloria took credit for her donation of hundreds of dollars in scrap metal to the boy scouts. “It was nothing to do with WHISPER. It was a deal with the boy scouts…but then WHISPER puts it on their thing that they WHISPER donated it.”

Then she talked about Council’s WHISPER Report, “As an employee here, I can vouch for the fact that there are things on there that I know for a fact are true. I observed them. I discussed them. It’s basically an honest report and it’s all substantiated.” She then discussed how Gloria retaliated against her after she didn’t support her campaign for a Council seat in the 2017 election. You can hear her speak around 31:00 into the Council Meeting audio.

Also at the meeting, another former recipient said that the program was meant to be good “but greed got in the way.”

Yet another former WHISPER recipient posted on Facebook:

No city program should interfere with a person’s privacy. The city we live in has no reason to know your personal business, your finances, or your health. A city has no right to confirm or deny services from agencies. No one should ever have to go through Willoughby Hills Whisper to apply or ask for help from any agency. This type of program should not take over others available on 211 for instance. Nor should this type of program interfere with ones rights. Whisper may have started out okay but got out of control. Can not happen again, ever.

Many residents support Council, support the Charter Amendments, are sick of Mayor Weger’s incompetence. Some residents are still afraid to put up yard signs out of fear that their neighbors or the Mayor will retaliate against them if they don’t tow the line.

Enough is enough!

If you’re sick of Mayor Weger’s craziness and want a government that actually functions for us, then Vote YES! on Issues 7-15!

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