Vote YES! To Stop The Dysfunction

IMG_3968 2 One thing this campaign season has showed us is who is behind all the dysfunction and drama at City Hall. Crazy Mayor Weger, his secretary Gloria Majeski, and his “wingman” on Council Chris Hallum, have done so much damage to our city to further their own personal interests. They are the ones pumping tons of money into their little political action committee to lie to the residents to keep their gravy train rolling. They’ve done nothing but spread negativity and nastiness throughout our city. It’s shameful!

Why is there a political action committee, an attack PAC in Willoughby Hills that is spending tons of money to defeat Charter Amendments by lying and slandering the people who support them? How is that helping our city move forward?

Weger, Gloria and Hallum’s PAC has spent thousands putting up their nasty negative signs and sending hateful postcards throughout our city. (Maybe that’s why they illegally tried to remove Council… because it would have been a lot cheaper for them!)

Weger, Gloria, and Hallum have shaken down hundreds of dollars from their political appointed friends, neighbors and even WHISPER recipients!

The sole purpose of this PAC is to attack the Council Members who want to hold them accountable and get our city back on track. They attack the Council that balanced our budget, fully funded our safety forces, cut our sewer fees, and made sure more roads were paved.

If Weger, Gloria and Hallum are doing such great things for the city why do they need to focus all their attention and spend thousands of dollars to attack and lie about the other members of Council? Have they said one positive thing about anything this whole time? It makes you wonder.

Voting YES! will ensure the continued funding of our safety forces and roads and stop the spending of hundreds of thousands of OUR dollars on Gloria and Weger’s other politically appointed friends.

The best way to stop the insanity is to vote YES! on Issues 7-15.


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