PAC Rats


Willoughby Hills residents want their government to work for them. Sadly, the residents did not win the election last Tuesday. The winner on Tuesday was Weger, Majeski, and Hallum’s nasty negative PAC that sunk thousands of dollars into the nastiest most dishonest campaign this city has ever seen…and that’s saying a lot!

After all those vile postcards and ugly lies, and let’s not forget illegal removal attempts, what did these people get out of spending all of this money and inflicting weeks of their lies, insane headlines and hatred on us? Nothing. There is nothing new for our city to work with to improve things. Everything is the same.

There is no reason for Crazy Mayor Weger to find some sanity and start doing his job FOR US RESIDENTS, rather than his greedy ex-secretary, former council candidate, and his real boss Gloria Majeski who sure looks like used her $100,000 secretary position to use vulnerable seniors in our city. He can continue to NOT defend THE TAXPAYERS against Gloria’s lawsuit against the city so he’ll be “forced” to give her our money again.

They want to siphon off our tax dollars while our fire department and police departments remain underfunded and our roads never get repaved. He sued Council because they tried to ensure we were protected against this greedy lawsuit. Then he tried to remove Council and said he did it because they wanted him to do his job and defend the city from Gloria’s lawsuit!

Mayor Weger wants to attack and even get rid of Council because they want to do their job and protect us and our money. CRAZY!

And this is exactly why Weger, Gloria and Hallum started their attack PAC, Citizens for True Public Service. The whole purpose of this PAC is to attack Council Members who want to make sure our fire and police departments are properly funded and our roads are properly paved rather than pay Gloria and friends excessive salaries which could bankrupt the city. But of course, since Weger says he’s not running again, what does he care if that happens?

So who are the people funding this disgusting charade? If you look at the campaign finance forms available here and here you will find this list of big donors:

Thomas Ruple, the owner of 36100 Chardon Road LLC who really wants to put in a commercial horse training facility in a residential area. Could he be looking for a favor?

John Lillich who Weger appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and his wife Carol Lillich who was Gloria’s campaign treasurer when she ran for a council seat.

Denise Niedermeier, former IRS agent, who lives a couple doors down from Hallum and is the PAC’s treasurer. She’s also a real charmer on Facebook and that Next Door website.

Tom Lobe who resigned rather than have to explain how he allowed Gloria to negotiate her own union contract giving herself 9% guaranteed raises and unlimited vacation on top of her already insane compensation. Of course, he then joined Weger and Gloria and sued the taxpayers of Willoughby Hills too.

Some guy named Frank Mahnic who lives in Valley View.





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