Let’s Move Forward

At the Council Meeting on Thursday, Council, working with the Mayor, passed a balanced budget for the fourth year in a row. This is a big achievement, particularly after a difficult year last year. The Mayor and most of Council have managed to move on and get to working together in the best interest of our city. But unfortunately, for some reason Councilman Hallum wants to keep spreading nonsense, fighting with everyone and return to the negativity of the past.

While in the 6 years he’s been on Council, Chris Hallum has not introduced a single piece of legislation that has passed, and the only one he introduced at all was a tax hike that was rightly rejected by his colleagues. Yet, he feels perfectly happy to complain and lie about every other elected official in the city. Does he want to run for Mayor or something so he needs to bash his competition? Why is he back to his childish blame games, trying to blame everyone else for things like the Mayor suing the city twice and the Mayor’s $100,000 secretary suing the city. Suing the city is wrong because it’s expensive. No one on Council has sued the city. When will people take responsibility for their own actions?

He also blames Council for shutting down Mayor’s Court last year, but it’s called MAYOR’S Court for a reason. Ohio law says that only a Mayor can open or close a Mayor’s Court. Why does Chris Hallum think the Mayor can’t take responsibility for his own decisions?And what again has Chris Hallum even accomplished in his 6 years on Council other than spreading negativity and getting real estate jobs for himself?



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