WH Planning and Zoning to consider allowing ATM at gambling cafe – public hearing set for Thursday

The Willoughby Hills Planning and Zoning Commission will consider whether to allow an ATM in the parking lot of an internet gambling cafe on the city’s west side on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7:00 in City Hall. Residents may attend and ask questions or voice concerns about providing easy access to cash to gambling cafe customers. Planning and Zoning’s decision could affect the positive economic development of the area. In 2018 the Planning and Zoning Commission made the controversial decision to disregard resident concerns and allow a cash for plasma business on the west side.  While many residents were concerned that the plasma business would keep the west side from rebounding, City Council’s efforts to further economic development in 2019 brought the influx of Produce Packaging, Aldi and the Milestone Athletic Club to the area.  Residents once again have the chance to weigh in on what direction they want the city to move in. 9CE2471D-A6B9-49F4-B71B-796D57B7792E

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