WH Taxpayers Pay Thousands for Building So City Officials and Friends Can Run Businesses, Play Pool and Poker

keep-out-4845935_1280Willoughby Hills taxpayers became owners of the Maple Grove Grange in 2008. City records show the taxpayers have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars for maintenance of the building and things like cable t.v. service and pool table delivery in that time.  Yet, the taxpayers have never benefitted from their ownership and their investment.

Who has? Civil Service Commissioner, Tom Majeski, was the “curator” of the Grange and he had the keys since 2008. He had the authority to decide who could use the building and what they could do there. Under Majeski’s watch, the taxpayer-funded building housed big screen t.v.’s, foosball, a poker table and chips and a pool table only available to Majeski and his friends.

Who are these friends? People like Rick Thompson, who in 2017 was running a HAM Radio club out of it and also his doomsday prepper business. Additionally, Majeski, a scout leader held his troop’s meetings and other non-Willoughby Hills scout troops to use it. However, there was no application process for other groups or Willoughby Hills taxpayers to ever receive an iota of benefit from the Maple Grove Grange that they paid for.

In 2017, the City Council finally put a stop to Majeski’s playhouse after he said on the public record that young girl scouts were using poker chips to count their badges among other ridiculous excuses. What does the new administration want to do with the Grange? Looking at the latest Council agenda, it looks like they want to give it back to Majeski.


3 thoughts on “WH Taxpayers Pay Thousands for Building So City Officials and Friends Can Run Businesses, Play Pool and Poker

  1. Is it possible for this historic building to be used for the historical society? Or a more beneficial use? I would hate to see it torn down.


    1. That would make a lot of sense and would be a nice benefit to the taxpayers who pay for the building.


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