Garbage Fee Increase Back on WH Council Agenda

D0B4B418-7B3F-4B4A-996E-EF7BB396D335While other cities are assisting residents and businesses handle quarantines, shutdowns and job losses, some on Willoughby Hills Council want to raise fees on residents and discontinue popular services. Last time Council considered Mayor Gardner’s proposal to raise resident garbage fees, Councilwoman Janet Majka motioned to table the proposal. However, Council President Chris Hallum put Gardner’s fee increase back on the agenda for tonight’s council meeting.

The proposal would increase monthly garbage collection fees for the second time in less than a year. The city’s garbage fees went up in 2019 when Republic claimed recycling costs required a price increase under its contract with the city. The proposed increase of approximately $28 per year, comes with the additional service of collection of yard waste bags.

Previously, Republic picked up yard waste that fit in garbage cans.  For larger loads of yard waste, residents could drop off their yard waste for free at a site near the Community Center, before the mayor abruptly closed the drop-off in 2018 citing EPA concerns. The brush drop-off was rehabilitated and reopened in 2019 using a free permit system.

The meeting will be held remotely tonight at 7:00 p.m. Information on how to log on and participate in the discussion are available on the city’s website here.

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