WH Getting Rid of One Acre Zoning?

Willoughby Hills residents have long prided themselves on being where the city meets the country thanks in large part to one acre minimum zoning. Apparently, one acre zoning might not be a requirement in Willoughby Hills under the Mayor Gardner administration. On July 16, 2020, Gardner and his Planning and Zoning Commission approved former Councilwoman Linda Cover’s plan to build a new home on Stark Drive property she purchased in February. According to information from the County Auditor’s website, Cover bought .88 acres made up of two .44 acre parcels on Stark Drive, one with an existing home on it and one vacant. While most of the homes on Stark Drive were built before there was a one acre minimum in place, no new homes are supposed to be permitted on lots smaller than one acre in single-family residential zones in Willoughby Hills. The Willoughby Hills Charter requires than any changes to zoning uses be approved by the voters, but no vote on the one acre minimum has occurred. At the July 16 meeting, Cover said she is building the new home for her retirement.


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