Willoughby Hills Dump Mystery…Part 4

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Willoughby Hills Scandals…part 4…pulling back the curtain some more


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(LFC Comments:  Our Willoughby Hills lobbyist is continuing to shed the light into the darkness of Willoughby Hills politics.)

Who’s dumping in Willoughby Hills…Part 4 of 5

On November 30, 2017, Parkview Land Development LLC purchased the 38 acres at 37200 Chardon Road for $390,000. Prior to this day, locals chuckled at the signs all over the entrance to the steep drive that plunged down into the river valley towards an old run-down house that demonstrated the now-former owner’s obsession with the Second Amendment and keeping sneaky trespassers off his property. It seemed a hefty price for a property on difficult-to-develop protected slope and river-valley property. Who would bet on that?

pulling back the curtain

Parkview Land Development LLC was formed on November 17, 2017 by Corpsys Inc. On July 14, 2010, Corpsys Inc. became the agent of eight companies including Sneakee Pete’s Bar & Grille and GL Crushing. Prior to Corpsys, the agent for both companies was listed as Mark Belich.

You might remember Sneakee Pete’s as the controversial gambling café in Eastlake that almost became a strip club. When Eastlake and the state shut his gambling parlor down, Belich looked to turn his café into a strip joint, but once again he ran into government officials who told him no. In 2014, the Eastlake City Council voted to deny Belich his strip club. In an April 10, 2014 News Herald Article, Belich had this to say to the Eastlake Council on the matter:

“I’ve probably paid in excess of $5 million between real estate taxes, payroll taxes, permits and probably some attorney fees. Nobody wanted my Internet café but it never caused a problem. For years it contributed a lot of money to the city. The request is to reopen a restaurant with an adult cabaret, which I don’t think will cause any problems for anybody.”

Belich’s attorney took it a step further.

“Nowhere in your ordinances do you define where this type of business can go. And I invite everyone in the city council to take time and scour through the ordinances—they’re online—I’ve had the most recent ones looked at, and nowhere does it say where a cabaret can go. So we have a legal conundrum there because we don’t have a specific designation. I think one legal issue that’s going to cause years and years of litigation on this is you don’t say where you can put it.”

Eastlake didn’t back down. There is no and never was a strip club at Sneakee Pete’s.

In 2016, another Belich company, GL Crushing, also known as Great Lakes Crushing, was awarded a multi-million dollar contract from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s massive storm water tunneling project. The NEORSD planned to spend hundreds of millions of dollars over several years to dig seven miles long tunnels to channel stormwater by awarding bids to dozens of construction contractors and subcontractors.

Belich’s company was going to be paid millions to dig giant tunnels.

And what gets dug must get dumped.

(LFC Comments:  Ah, we are started to see the light,  connect the dots, …wonder what part 5 will reveal?)


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