Willoughby Hills Dump Mystery…Part 7

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Who’s Dumping in Willoughby Hills part VII


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Who’s dumping in Willoughby Hills Part VII
Written by a Willoughby Hills Lobbyist

If you pay any attention at all to Willoughby Hills politics, by now you know that long-time Willoughby Hills Councilman Dave Fiebig resigned. While Fiebig was quick to point the finger at Andy Gardner, Chris Hallum and Michael Kline for unethical and illegal conduct, Fiebig also claimed he feared for his life:

“No one should go to work and feel threatened and in fear of their life. Sitting in front of a man who was once removed from the chamber for being disruptive, who sued me, threatened to sue me again, and reaching into a large bag visibly shaking and talking with a wavering voice, I genuinely feared as to what he may pull out of this large bag.”

If you weren’t at the Council Meeting on January 24, 2020, you probably do not know who Fiebig is referring to there. He was talking about a man named Tony Miller.

Tony Miller is the Good Old Boys’ and the $100,000 Secretary’s favorite pet. When they need someone to do the dirtiest of their dirty work, Tony Miller’s their go-to guy. This poor soul probably believes the $100,000 Secretary really cares about him. Sorry, to break it to you Tony. She’s just using you as a weapon against anyone who threatens to get between her and her money.

Tony Miller’s first mission was to try to intimidate and humiliate City Council Members at Mayor Weger’s February 2018 town hall meeting. Tony came through like a champ, screaming at people he had never met, including Fiebig and Councilwoman Laura Pizmoht as she held her young child on her lap. After that episode Miller along with his wife Vicki Miller, was a frequent attendee at Council Meetings where he would deliver tirades at public portion and occasionally be gaveled out of order or even escorted out by police. One time he spooked former Council President Nancy Fellows when he snuck up behind the council table and stood menacingly behind her. Miller was also fond of harassing Council Members on social media and spreading conspiracy theories about them. Not surprisingly, the Chief of Police sent a written warning to Miller to stop harassing people and disrupting public meetings. Naturally, Miller responded in August of 2018 with an unsuccessful circulation of recall petitions against the same Council Members that Weger would illegally attempt to fire two months later.

Since Tony’s 2018 town hall tirade, when he abruptly entered the Willoughby Hills political fray, Tony Miller seemed to be a critical player in every Weger-Gardner political stunt. Like in the fall of 2019 when Tony and his wife Vicki, a city officer herself, who Weger appointed to serve on the City’s Recreation Commission naturally, kicked off campaign season in Willoughby Hills by frivolously suing the opponents of Andy Gardner et al. The lawsuit was tossed out, but once again, Tony Miller was doing the dirty work on behalf of his masters.

Which is surely what he was doing when he approached the microphone, with large bag in shaky hand, to speak during public portion at the January 24, 2020 Council Meeting. He thankfully didn’t assassinate anyone despite Fiebig’s concern, but instead took the opportunity to threaten to sue the same people he sued in 2019 to try for (what is it? the 12th time now?) to remove them all from office, seemingly forgetting that three of those people aren’t even in office anymore. Tony was kind enough to offer them all a deal though if they would sign a promise to him that they’d never run for office or volunteer in the City again. Tony Miller is the gold standard of good citizenship, after all.

Every city seems to have a Tony Miller type wearing the tinfoil hat and railing agains the government, just maybe not quite as crazy as the real Tony Miller. Some think that televising council meetings is what drives people to act like Tony Miller. But maybe in Tony Miller’s case it’s a little bit of that mixed with something else.

You thought this wasn’t going to be about Belich’s dirt dump on Chardon Road and the thousands of dollars in campaign donations his father-in-law just happened to make to Andy Gardner, Chris Hallum, Michael Kline, Joe Jarmuszkiewicz and Andy’s $100,000 secretary Gloria Majeski’s PAC, did you?

Tony Miller lives on Hayes Drive, in his mother-in-law’s house on a two-acre parcel. It’s the dead end street right across River Road from Squire’s Castle. Most of the houses on Hayes are older and small compared to modern homes, particularly compared to newer developments in Willoughby Hills like Loreto, Maple Hill, Pine Valley or Riversedge. Houses in the newer developments can go for upwards of $800,000. Houses on Hayes, more like lucky to get $180,000. It seems a shame that a side street with houses in walking distance to one of the shiniest gems of the Emerald Necklace is not a more desirable street. Could it be?

Guess who bought the parcel next to the Miller’s homestead shortly before Tony’s 2018 town hall tirade? You guessed it—Mark Belich’s company, Parkview Land Development.


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