Mayor Gardner and Willoughby Hills Cancel Culture

This was originally posted on Lobbyists for Citizens.

Standing up to bullies…cancel culture alive and well in Willoughby Hills

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pulling back the curtain

(LFC Comments: Thanks to several lobbyists for sending this article to us regarding the Willoughby Hills lawsuit.  After reading it, we cannot help but wonder if this will backfire on the plaintiffs?  The phrase “frivolous lawsuit” comes to our mind.  Could be expensive for them.  Unfortunately, filing frivolous lawsuits is another manifestation of our current cancel culture. It appears that opposing views and free speech are no longer tolerated in Willoughby Hills.  Step out of line, and you will experience the wrath of the power elite and their sycophants.  Kudos to Nancy Fellows for standing up to bullies!)


NH article on WH lawsuit

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