WH Council considers spending $13,500 on Grange—building used by officials and friends but closed to public

A committee headed up by Councilman Joe Jarmuszkiewicz recommended spending $13,500 of taxpayer funds to replace the HVAC system at the Maplegrove Grange, a building owned by the taxpayers but used exclusively by Civil Service Commission chair Tom Majeski and his friends. The funds were received by the City from its energy provider NOPEC to make City buildings more energy efficient. Jarmuszkiewicz’s committee chose to allocate the $13,500 to the Grange, which is not accessible by the public, rather than the City’s community center which houses the poplar Willoughby-Eastlake public library branch.

Tom Majeski is the husband of Gloria Majeski, who is the controversial high-paid secretary to Mayor Andy Gardner. Tom Majeski has had exclusive control over the Grange for over ten years, and famously claimed the poker chips found in the Grange were used by Girl Scouts to count their merit badges. Tom Majeski also allowed his friend and former Council candidate Rick Thompson to run his doomsday prepper business out of the publicly-funded building.

Council will consider the expenditure of taxpayer funds on the Grange HVAC system at its next meeting on Thursday, May 13. Information about how to attend this meeting is available here: http://www.willoughbyhills-oh.gov/government/city_council/index.php


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