The Circus Continues-Dumper appointed to WH City Council

Last night, Councilman Michael Kline motioned to appoint Julie Belich to serve on Willoughby Hills City Council. Julie Belich is best known in Willoughby Hills as the owner of JAB supply, which dumped mountains of sewer tunnel dirt on environmentally protected residential property on Chardon Road. Julie Belich’s father gave $6,050 to the campaigns of Andy Gardner, Chris Hallum, Michael Kline, Joe Jarmuszkiewicz and their political action committee in 2019. Just when we thought it could not get worse, they reward the dumpers with a seat on Council?

Julie Belich’s husband Mark claimed that he and Julie were planning to build their dream home on the Chardon Road property where they kept a commercial truck scale and dumped tons of sewer tunnel spoils. He claimed the dumping was for a driveway upgrade and the Willoughby Hills Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review including Michael Kline and former Mayor Robert Weger approved it.

Julie Belich’s company, JAB Supply also runs the dump known as Mount Wickliffe on Euclid Avenue. Residents in Wickliffe have been complaining about the eyesore, dust, and mud for years.

It is difficult to imagine someone who seems less caring about the needs of the public. It seems only fitting that this group would appoint her to council



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