Residents disappointed to find no Willoughby Hills Memorial Day Ceremony this year

While many surrounding communities held parades and ceremonies, those who hoped to pay Memorial Day tribute in Willoughby Hills faced disappointment. For years, Willoughby Hills has gathered as a community to honor those men and women who died for our freedom—but not this year. Some showed up as they always do only to discover the event was canceled. One such person said, “Went to Willoughby Hills for their ceremony this morning. They failed to show up. Sad. All those who died being failed by a fearful town hall.” Another expressed similar frustration, “canceling a ceremony to honor our fallen veterans…. Absolutely heartbreaking and beyond disgusting. Hopefully the residents speak up about that fail!” It is unclear why the event was canceled. Recently, the city has returned to holding in person meetings and promoted a flag donation program, youth sports, and a community garage sale day.


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